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Roberson Motors

3700 Ryan Dr SE
Salem, Or  97301

Phone: (503) 363-4117

Roberson Motors, Inc., was founded in December, 1961, by Earl E. Roberson. The business was in downtown Salem on Commercial Street between the Marion and Center Street bridges. Just as today, the dealership was an exclusive franchise for Chrysler-Plymouth automobiles, parts, and service. Earl Roberson remained owner and president until his death in January, 1976.

Michael E. Roberson, who was then General Sales Manager, purchased the stock of the corporation, assuming the Presidency and General Management. The years between 1979 and 1981 were hard for Chrysler Corporation and Roberson Motors, Inc. Several factors led to the near-bankruptcy of Chrysler Corporation: a deep recession, high unemployment, high interest rates, low housing starts, and the popularity of Japanese products. Roberson Motors, Inc., survived only because of a group of dedicated employees who had built an outstanding reputation in Salem during the previous 20 years. Chrysler survived because of the heroics of Lee Iacocca.

Chrysler was building the right products. The economy rebounded, and one of the longest economic expansions in history began. The sales and service business of Roberson Motors, Inc., started to grow again and has continued ever since.

The move to our present location was the result of rapid growth, the loss of property when the bridges were remodeled, and Chrysler's insistence that we put up a new building.

On December 14, 1988, Roberson Motors, Inc., moved to its new facility on the corner of Mission and Hawthorne Streets. With the new facility came a new motto. "Our reputation rides with you." The continued success of Roberson Motors, Inc., will be assured, provided our employees work as a team to give our bosses-the customers-the best treatment anywhere.

In 1989, Mike and Tammy Roberson established another Company in Lebanon, Oregon, known as Roberson Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Jeep, Inc. Although the Company operates under separate management, the same business philosophy applies.

The RV department was opened at a temporary location in February of 1995 with a Jayco franchise. It was moved to its current location next to the main store on Ryan Drive in December of 1995. Coachman and other makes have since been added. 

The loyalty and fine performance of our employees is a tremendous factor in the success of our business. We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. Roberson Motors is family-owned-and-operated and has many long-term employees. In each department there are volunteers who give their time to support community activities. As Roberson Motors celebrates 40 years in business, the entire family is committed to helping maintain Salem's reputation as a great place to live and do business.

Information provided by Tammy Roberson, Roberson Motors. 2000


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