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SEDCOR - A Program of Action
(Salem Strategic Economic Development Corporation)

During the 1980's the Mid-Valley was experiencing a severe depression following the building boom of the 1970's. Due to high interest rates soaring upwards of 20%, the economy of Salem collapsed. A Board of Directors was assembled with the support of the Salem City Council and SEDCOR was put into existence. SEDCOR was created from the Economic Development Committee of the Salem Chamber of Commerce. Their mission was to enhance and diversify the economy of the Mid-Valley by supporting and strengthening the performance of existing business and recruiting new businesses to Marion & Polk Counties.

After twenty plus years SEDCOR has evolved into the leading economic development agency for Marion & Polk Counties. SEDCOR is a private, non-profit membership organization composed of over 400 business and community leaders throughout the Valley.

They are actively supporting their mission by the following objectives:

Retention & expansion of existing manufacturing, distribution and information processing business.

Attraction of foreign and domestic companies to locate in our area.

Promotion of international trade and export.

Advocacy for manufacturers on critical issues.

Ensuring an adequate supply of available serviced industrial land in the area.

Support of the Enterprise Zone Program and other reasonable incentives.

Maintenance of information data bases, including detailed economic, statistical and demographic information.

Support of employee training and workforce development activities.

Sponsorship of events and publication that advance the mission.

None of the success of SEDCOR could have taken place without the past Board Chairs from 1982 to the present.

A quote from Larry Glassock: "We are damned good at what we do. But we would not have been so successful had it not been for the dedication of a lot of talented people."

Compiled by Shirley Herrman

Sedcor history provided from materials provided by Larry Glassock

Photography taken by Terry Davison, March 2004


Sedcor sign
Sedcor sign
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Sedcor entrance
Sedcor entrance
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Sedcor building

Sedcor building
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