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Walling Companies

P.O. Box 12009
Salem, Or 97309-0009
Phone: (503) 585-5911

Walling Sand & Gravel Co.
Salem Black Top and Asphalt Paving
D&D Paving Co.
Axis Curb Co.

Walling Sand & Gravel was founded in 1940 by Harold (H.C.) Walling. In the beginning, the Walling Companies included only the gravel processing plant, known as Walling Sand & Gravel. In the 1950s, a concrete batch plant and concrete trucks were added, making ready-mix material available to Salem area customers. The original sand gravel processing and ready-mix plants were located on the northeast corner of McGilchrist and 16th Streets, S.E.

A Southern Pacific rail spur, running parallel to the west side of the present McGilchrist Street office building, was used to load railroad cars with ballast rock for rail bed construction and was a mainstay of Walling Sand & Gravel business for years.

The rock crusher plant was moved to its present location on South Lancaster Drive in 1975 and the ready-mix plant was relocated in 1978 to this Lancaster site. In 1978, the company acquired a gravel excavation site on Turner Road. Mining operations began in 1991, and that site is still used today to mine rock. An additional site in West Salem has been added and will someday serve as the principal mining location.

Both Salem Black Top and Asphalt Paving and D&D Paving Companies were purchased in 1978 from the Ray and Jesse Daniels family who were customers of Walling Sand & Gravel for many years. Axis Curb Co., the most recent addition, was started in 1988. These companies were added as affiliates to complement the aggregate business.

H.C. Walling’s son, Jerry Walling, is the current president of the Walling Companies. Walling is proud to have been involved in the growth of the Salem-Keizer community for the past 60 years and is looking forward to meeting the challenges of the new millennium.

Researched and written by Tom Weir, Walling Company


Walling Sand and Gravel
Walling Sand and Gravel Company
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