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How Pringle Creek Got Its Name.
Pringle Creek is formed from several smaller streams. It flows between Bush's Pasture Park and historic Deepwood estate and along the south side of Pringle Park.

The reference Oregon Geographic Names, on page 690 states that Pringle Creek was named after Virgil K. Pringle, who arrived in Salem December 25, 1846. He took a donation land claim near the stream which accordingly he named for himself. This stream rises in the hills south of Salem, and flows through the southern part of the town. The other adjoining buildings and features in the area accordingly took the name of the creek in their names as well, such as Pringle Park Plaza.

Octavius M. Pringle, son of Virgil K. Pringle, wrote an account of the trip under the heading Experience of an Emigrant Boy of 1846. Octavius Pringle subsequently moved to Central Oregon (Prineville) in 1874. and Pringle Falls on the Deschutes River was named after him. 

Clark Brown and Tabitha Moffatt married in 1799 in New England. They had two sons and a daughter, Pherne. Mr. Brown passed away and in 1824, Mrs. Brown moved the family to Missouri. Daughter Pherne married Virgil K. Pringle. 

Virgil K. Pringle farmed, but mostly operated a boot and shoe shop. In those days the lighter manufacturing trades were usually carried on in the home, and he had his shop in his home and had very prosperous business. One of the sons from Brown/Moffatt came to Oregon in 1844 and returned extolling the virtues of Oregon.  

Virgil K Pringle, Pherne Brown headed out with other family members over the Oregon Trail in April 1846. Where Pringle settled is not stated, but Virgil K. Pringle is referenced again as the administrator of David Carter's estate in March 1850 which sold at auction. David Carter had been in partnership with Joseph Holman who was a prominent businessman and whose commercial building was the site of the Oregon State Legislature for several years in Salem. 

There are some Pringles buried in the Pioneer cemetery in Salem including Virgil K. Pringle. 

Other creeks in Salem include Clark Creek, Jory Creek, Battle Creek, Croisan Creek, and Claggett Creek. Glen Creek and Brush Creek flow through West Salem.

Compiled and written by Monica Mersinger

Historic Marion, Marion County Historical Society, Volume 2, June, 1956, pages 18, 52 and 53. 
Oregon Geographic Names, Fifth Edition, page 690


Pringle Creek
Pringle Creek
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Where Pringle Creeek joins the Willamette River
Where Pringle Creek joins the Willamette River in Salem
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