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Marion County Commissioners
Listing of County Commissioners by Year (Past to Present)

(NOTE: Originally, the Marion County Court was a Probate Court and the Commissioners were judges.)
Benjamin Walden: Nov. 1849-July 1850; July 1851-April 1853.
Turner Crump: Nov. 1849-July 1850.
Isaac N. Gilbert, Clerk: Nov. 1849-July 1850.
John W. Grim: July 1850-Sep. 1851; July 1855-Apr. 1858.
Jacob Conser: July 1850-July 1853.
Joseph Garrison: Apr. 1851-July 1851.
Lafayette Grover, Clerk: Dec. 1851-Apr. 1852.
Elisha J. Harding, Clerk: July 1852-June 1859; Commissioner: July 1859-Dec. 1859.
Robert Childers: July 1853-Apr. 1855.
John Harrison: July 1853-Apr. 1855.
William P. Harpole: July 1853-Mar. 1854.

(NOTE: In August of 1853, the Probate Court became the Marion County Commissioners Court, with 1 judge and 2 Commissioners.)
Richard Miller: July 1854-Apr. 1857.
William J. Herren: July 1855-Apr. 1856.
Oliver Pickard: July 1856-Dec. 1858.
John Kays: July 1857-Dec. 1858.
Robert Newell: July 1858-Dec. 1858.
Milton V. Shannon: Apr. 1859-July 1862.
N.T. Caton, Clerk: July 1859-July 1862.
Francis X. Matthieu: Feb. 1861-July 1861.
William H. Baker: Feb. 1861-July 1861.
John C. Peebles: July 1862-June 1870.
William M. Case: July 1862-Apr. 1866; Aug. 1868-June 1870; July 1872-July 1874.
H.L. Turner: July 1862-Apr. 1864.
George A. Edes, Clerk: July 1862-June 1868; July 1878-July 1880.
Thomas C. Shaw: July 1864-July 1866.
J.H. Bridges: July 1866-June 1868.
Ai Coolidge: July 1868-July 1872.
Ralph C. Geer, Clerk: July 1868-June 1870.
Charles N. Terry: Joly 1870-June 1878.
John Giesy: July 1l870-July 18l72; July 1874-July 1878.
A.B. Cosper, Clerk: July 1870-July 1872.
William Porter: July 1872-July 1874.
J.A. Huffman: July 1874-July 1876.
D.H. Murphy, Clerk: July 1872-July 1878.
John J. Shaw: July 1878-June 1882.
Jean Baptiste P. Piette: July 1878-June 1880.
S. Condit: July 1878-June 1884.
M.L. Chamberlain, Clerk: July 1880-June 1884.
D.J. Pendleton: July 1880-June 1882.
Thomas C. Shaw: July 1882-June 1890.
William C. Hubbard: July 1882-June 1886; July 1892-June 1896.
George P. Terrell: July 1884-June 1886; July 1896-June 1900.
M.N. Chapman, Clerk: July 1884-June 1888.
Henry Warren: July 1886-June 1888.
A.H. Cornelius: July 1888-June 1890.
W.T. Grimm: July 1888-June 1891.
E.M. Croisan, Clerk: July 1888-Apr. 1890.
Frelon J. Babcock, Clerk: May 1890-June 1891.
William Waldo: July 1890-June 1891.
J.M. Watson: July 1890-May 1896.
J.F. Anderson: July 1892-June 1896.
W.H. Egan, Clerk: July 1892-July 1894.
L.V. Ehlen, Clerk: August 1894-June 1898.
J.N. Davis: July 1896-July 1896-June 1900.
William Miley: June 1898-(?)
W.W. Hall, Clerk: July 1898-June 1903.- - - - -
Volume XVII - - Oct. 1903-Apr. 1908 - - is missing- - - - -
I.C. Needham: July 1900-June 1908.
John W. Roland, Clerk: June 1903-(?)
John H. Scott: (?)-June 1908.
W.H. Goulet: (?)-Jan. 1923.
R.D. Allen, Clerk: (?)-June 1914.
W.M. Bushey: July 1908-Dec. 1916.
J.T. Beckwith: July 1908-Dec. 1916.
Max Gehlar, Clerk: July 1914-June 1916.
J.T. Hunt: Jan. 1917-Jan. 1925.
U.G. Boyer, Clerk: July 1916-Jan. 1925.
Jim E. Smith: Jan. 1923-Jan. 1935; Jan 1939-Jan. 1947.
J.H. Porter: Jan. 1925-Jan. 1933.
Roy S. Melson: Jan. 1935-Jan. 1941.
Leroy Hewlett: Jan 1935-Jan. 1939.
Harlan A. Judd, Clerk: Jan. 1941-Jan. 1949.
(During his absence in military service, Henry Mattson served as clerk.)
Ralph A. Girod: Jan. 1941-Jan. 1945.
Roy Rice: Jan. 1943-Jan. 1961.
E.L. Rogers: Jan. 1947-Jan. 1959.

(NOTE: As of 1959, County officers were elected, not appointed.)
Pat McCarthy: Jan 1961-Jan. 1980.
Harry Carson, Jr.: Jan 1967-Jan. 1982.
Rex Hartley: Jan. 1965-Jan. 1967.
T. Harold Tomlinson, Clerk: Jan 1965-Jan. 1976.
Walter R. Heine: Jan. 1975-1979.
Edwin R. Morgan, Clerk: Jan. 1977-Jan. 1983.
Randall Franke: Jan. 1979-2003.
Gary Heer: Jan. 1981-Jan. 1998.
Ed Hill, Clerk: Jan. 1987-Jan. 1989.
Mary B. Pearmine: Jan 1991-Jan. 1999.
Al Davidson, Clerk: Jan. 1989-Jan. 2005.
Patricia Milne: Jan. 1999-Present.
Mike Ryan: Jan. 1999-Jan. 2005.

Compiled by Sue Bell

Source: Marion County Government, 2003


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