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Kingwood Bible Church
Kingwood Bible Church is part of the General Conference of the Mennonite Brethren (MB) of North America and the Pacific District Conference with headquarters in Fresno, California. As a member of the MB conference it is also affiliated with Fresno Pacific University and the MB Biblical Seminary, also located in Fresno, California.

Kingwood Bible Church was formed by a group of Salem residents who were members of the Dallas Mennonite Brethren Church. Several families began meeting in midweek prayer service in the West Salem home of one of the members in May 1940. That fall 27 signed a charter forming a new congregation calling it the West Salem Mennonite Brethren Church. In 1941 they built a new sanctuary at 1125 Elm Street. They also built a parsonage next door at 1111 Elm Street.

The first pastor was Rev. Abe Loewen who led the congregation from 1940 to 1946. The church experienced rapid growth under his leadership. In 1944, Rev. Loewen formed a Bible college named Salem Bible Institute. The original structure was expanded so the classes could meet at the church. In the fall of 1945, Salem Bible Institute was merged with the Beacon Bible School of Dallas to form Salem College and Academy (now Salem Academy). This new high school and junior college met in the facilities of the West Salem MB Church during the 1945-1947 academic years. In 1951 the church was renamed Kingwood Bible Church since it is located in the Kingwood District of West Salem.

Under the leadership of Rev. Leonard Vogt, pastor from 1960 to 1975, the church grew to over 400 members building a new sanctuary in 1965. The new building was attached to the 1940 structure, which was converted to an educational wing. In 1970 a gymnasium/activity center was added. Kingwood has continued to share its facilities with other local ministries. It has housed the offices of such ministries as the Polk County Child Evangelism Fellowship and the Oregon Mennonite Residential Services Administrative Offices. Salem Academy Elementary School has rented the gymnasium for its PE classes and the World Wide Church of God has rented the sanctuary. Kingwood has been the site of many weddings of area couples not otherwise affiliated with the church. The Activity Center has been the site of many area banquets and other community events including church league basketball.

Kingwood has a rich educational tradition, which is reflected in its structure. The building contains many fine classrooms and a well-stocked library containing numerous resources. The church also has a rich musical heritage and has long been known for its fine choirs and hearty congregational singing. Instrumental music has always been an important part of its worship services.

Kingwood has been consistent in its theology and its leaders have always been known for their practical theology based on a literal interpretation of the Bible. The Pastor since 1994 is Gordon Bergman who received his theological training at the MB Biblical Seminary.

Compiled by Ken Becker, on behalf of the Kingwood Bible Church

Information provided by the Kingwood Bible Church,1125 Elm NW, Salem, Or 97304


Kingwood Bible Church
Kingwood Bible Church
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